#FujiTuesdays / by OT

@DonovanBond  and myself (@OTKammah) have taken it upon ourselves to start a Toronto Fuji X-Series group. 
Inspired by a blog post telling the tale of the Fuji Italia group, we have decided that we wanted to also gather people that are passionate about photography and the Fuji X-Series cameras in Toronto.

As of next week (Tuesday, November 19th) a few of us will meet in front of the Aden Camera store on Yonge St. and go for photo walks.
This will be the first official #FujiTuesday and these will happen on the 3rd Tuesday of every month  going forward.

So come out to shoot and meet some other Fuji X lovers and incredibly gifted photographers (@JRBERNSTEIN@DonovanBond) and I :)