One Camera, One Lens. / by OT

A few months ago, I went through a bit of a cleansing process.
I had fallen for the lust of gear over the last year or so and saw my photography and inspiration get heavily impacted by it. I then decided get rid all my gear and took some time to figure out where I really wanted to go with my photography.

I had hit that wall, the one that we all hit at some point. I needed to take a step back.
Fast forward a few months later and I fell in love, all over again, with a friend's old FujiFilm X100. This was the camera that made me switch over to Fuji to begin with.

With the new X100T on the rumored horizon at the time, I decided that I would start a 1C1L (One Camera, One Lens) project when I could get my hands on it.
One would argue that gear doesn't matter — and I'm the first to preach that — but I wanted to a fresh start.

And now I have it.
I give you my 1C1L Project:

This Flickr stream will continue to be automatically updated with the latest images coming out of this wonderful camera.

Hope you enjoy.