That one shot. / by OT

Last week's travel to Mexico was great. The weather was beautiful, the people were fantastic, and the Fuji X100S by my side — once again — did not disappoint.

As a matter of fact it allowed me to get "that one shot". You know, that shot that you look back at and just can't seem to get your eyes off of. The one that isn't necessarily perfectly sharp. The one you keep admiring.
The one you are so proud of but can't explain why. Maybe other people don't see it that way but you do.

During a walk around Playa Del Carmen, I was amazed by the amount of locals just running around the streets. It seemed everyone was rushing to approach the tourists crowd and sell them whatever goods they stocked in their stores.

But despite the chaos, the loudness, and the overall feeling of sales pressure; There stood one scene.
One peaceful, beautiful moment of happiness and love. 

I noticed a little girl from across the street. She was sitting on a ledge playing with her two puppies.
Blissful at the ability to enjoy that moment with her dogs.
I knew I had to capture that moment. I knew it would be that one shot for me.

An overwhelming feeling creeped up on me, in a world of materialistic ideals, that was all you could ever ask for.
I grabbed my trusty Fuji companion and forever immortalized that second of pure Peace, Love, and Happiness.

I'm sure everyone gets to experience this at least once during their photographic life.
I am so thankful I got to see it for myself.

Hope you enjoy the shot and the story behind it.