Stuck at home. / by OT

Canada has been seeing quite a bit of horrible weather lately.
First, an Ice Storm in Toronto that caused over 300,000 people to lose power, and now this cold front bringing temperatures as low as -33C. 

Unfortunately, this weather has been getting in the way of my street shooting and so, being stuck at home, I decided to make the best of it!

Armed with my trusty Fujifilm X100LE, a GorillaPod Hybrid, and some YONGNUO off camera flash gear, I decided to play with water.

After setting up the mini studio I experimented with various shutter speeds, gear placements, and flash power.
I was having fun!

Now onto the main subject. 

I set up a water carafe, filled it up with some of the clear liquid, and went on to find something interesting to shoot. Eggs! I love eggs! I eat them every day for breakfast and their 2-part ways always intrigued me.

Now the thing with eggs and water is that they don't float... nor do they swim in the middle... they go straight for the bottom...
Thankfully, the Fuji X100 has that wonderful Leaf Shutter that allows you to leverage High Speed Sync and shoot with strobes at 1/1000sec. That would allow me to freeze the egg just where I wanted it!

I had a ton of fun doing this shoot and all I needed was right in my home.
So if bad weather has got you down as well, I hope I managed to inspire you just a little to look around and make the best of what you got! :)

Here's just another one for the road showing the carafe:

Hope you enjoyed the article!
See you around at the next #FujiTuesday!