Third X-T1’s a charm? / by OT

So it's here. It's finally here!
After seeing everyone else in the world happily receiving, unboxing, and shooting with their X-T1, it's finally Canada's turn.

Having had a chance to review the X-T1 a few weeks ago, I just couldn't wait for the day I would get to buy my own. (If you still haven't had enough of reading about the X-T1, my good friend Donovan has written one of the best reviews I've seen around the web).

So excited as ever — like everyone else today — I made my way down first thing this morning to our favorite shop in Toronto, Aden Camera! (Kinda helped them open up shop :P)
There it was... my very own Fuji X-T1. And because being Canadian rocks, there also was the free Fuji VG-XT1 Vertical Battery Grip!

Aden being the great customer oriented store that they are, Matthew and I unbox the camera right in the store so as to ensure that nothing is wrong with it. Typically just a routine check.
Not today...
As luck would have it, I was also interested in the Fuji XF27 Pancake lens in order to build a small walk-around combo with the X-T1.
So we go ahead and mount the 27mm to the X-T1 and start playing with it. Only to find out that the lens is stuck at ƒ/11. Weird... the back dial wouldn't change the aperture.
We try another lens, same thing. 

Hmm... let's try the 27mm on another X-T1. Low and behold the back dial works without any issues! So my First X-T1 was a lemon. Sad to say that but it's true.

Needless to say, I was happy we caught the issue in store. So I settled and went along home to setup and go out to shoot my upcoming visual essay I had been waiting for the X-T1 for.

I get home, unbox my Second X-T1, start setting it up then mount my trusty XF35. As I raise the camera up to my eye, I notice that the LCD has a weird round smudge on it.
Pixel...? I think for a second — not wanting to believe there is something wrong with this second body.


Obviously, as you can tell, that's no pixel... so I remove the lens and check out the sensor.
There it is, a white — clearly visible to the eye — speck right on the beautiful X-Trans II Sensor.

Out comes the Rocket Blower... nothing. This thing won't move.
So I pack my second X-T1 back up and head out to Aden Camera, again.

Just to be safe, Matthew and team take a stab at blowing the speck out, to not avail. This thing is stuck between the Microlenses and the X-Trans Colour Filter. It is not going anywhere.
Yep, you guessed it, my Second X-T1 was also a lemon... 

So out comes my Third Fuji X-T1 in the span of an hour, I test the back dial, check out the sensor, and you guessed it, checked everything else out. This one is a winner.

Now there is always a percentage of failure rate in electronic components. No matter what the industry, no matter what the component. Or maybe I'm just the luckiest guy in Canada and have already owned 3 copies of the Fuji X-T1.
The other guy that was getting his next to me had no issues at all right out of box #1.

Either way, everyone will be getting their own today, just make sure you check it thoroughly for any issues like you would anything else.

Happy Fuji X-T1 day everyone! This camera is a keeper and an absolute home run for Fuji!

Enjoy and hope to see you soon at one of our FujiTuesday Events!