Trapped. / by OT

The Toronto winter is still in full effect. While temperatures are starting to slowly climb back up to the point where one can enjoy taking a walk outside, our lives still remain impacted.

I decided to take a peak down by the water and see what our good friends on the docks are going through. I was hoping to get to chat with some people over there but to no avail. No one around. 

The place that was so full of life last summer was now deserted. People left it to battle with the elements. Over these cold winter months, the ice must have made them feel... trapped.

I continued my walk around and was overwhelmed by that same feeling. Ropes, chains, and locks were everywhere.

People are changing their lives over winter. The same people that would spend days after days on their boats have now locked them up until a better spring.

The sun is on its way back to us, hopefully the warmth will follow...

Shot with the amazing Fuji X-T1, Fuji X-E2, and XF35/1.4 lens.