Jack. by OT

For your listening pleasure, I've included the track I was listening to while shooting this.

A long day... a long week... sometimes you need to unwind.
Some like to read, some like to watch their television set.

Sounds of the Rat Pack blazing, bottle of Jack waiting, I decided to take a break.

And relax...


Photographic essay inspired by the work of Canadian X Photographer Patrick Laroque.

Kingston. by OT

Look Up.

Due to a family event, my wife and I visited Kingston for the weekend. 
Armed with my Fuji X-E2 and FUJINON Lens XF14mmF2.8 R, I decided to see if I could capture some of the city's iconic architecture.


Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens by OT

In Love.

I will keep this article short and sweet. For one simple reason, to me, this lens is perfect.
I've only had it for a few hours and already, I have fallen in love.

Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens

Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens

Like many others, I have been waiting for an 85mm equivalent on Fuji's X System and just couldn't wait to get my hands on this highly anticipated XF 56mm f/1.2 lens.

What Fuji delivered however, is beyond what I could have asked for. I am in awe of this lens and I urge everyone to go out and try it when it's available.

From Street and Weddings to Visual Essays, and everything in between, I truly believe that everyone will get fantastic results from this lens.
If you haven't already, you need to see Patrick Laroque's work with this lens. Truly exceptional.

Sample Images.

I leave you with just a few samples shots for now... Plenty more to come.


Here are two sets I have taken with the XF 56 since this review was posted:
Jack. http://www.kammah.ca/essays/2014/2/7/jack
Ese. http://www.kammah.ca/xseries/2014/2/8/ese








Please note that I am using a pre-production model of this lens and that performance may change between the time of writing and when it is released.

Fujifilm X-T1. by OT

It's here.

After weeks of anticipation and numerous leaks, on Tuesday January 28th, Fujifilm officially announced and revealed the newest member of the X-Series family, the weather-sealed X-T1.


Leading up to yesterday’s announcement, I had seen the various photos and spec lists that were being throw around on the web and creating such an incredible buzz.

Everyone wanted Fuji to succeed where Nikon failed. Bringing not only a “retro-styled” DSLR to market but really taking advantage of all of today’s Mirrorless technologies to make it a substantial release. 
Here’s a sneak peak: they passed with flying colors!

While I am always excited about Fuji's announcements and releases, this seemed like it wouldn't be for me.
I love rangefinder bodies and this looked like a DSLR. It seemed like it would be bigger than my X-E2. I couldn't really wrap my head around why I’d be interested in another body when the X-E2 was just right.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough (Thanks Jerry and the FujiGuys) to get my hands on a review sample of this hotly anticipated new camera… color me impressed.


The second I picked up this camera, my hands fell in love. The button placement, ergonomics, the materials, everything felt just right.
Not only that but it also looks absolutely gorgeous! Take a look for yourself:


And as others have said before me, the new Fuji X-T1 looks and feels like everything the Nikon Df is trying to be.
The new dials Fuji added are fantastic (with just the right amount of stiffness) and are really going to please those out there who want as many physical ways to change options as possible.


Oh and by the way… the X-T1 has 6, yes 6, programable FN buttons. You can really customize it to be your camera and handle it the way you want.

Speaking of handling, Fuji is also releasing two grips along with the X-T1; a Hand Grip (MHG-XT) and a Vertical battery Grip (VG-XT1). Let’s touch on those quickly.

The Hand Grip feel great. It improves on some already fantastic ergonomics and really compliments the camera by providing a centered tripod mount (for those landscape shooters out   there) while still allowing access to the battery.


Huge improvements on the previous X-Pro 1 and X-E1/2 grips! 
Please note that at the time of writing, the new grips for X-Pro 1 and X-E1/2 are not yet available on the market (coming really soon!) but I’ve been assured that they are just as great as this X-T1 version.

The Vertical Battery Grip is wonderful. Not only does it allow you to access commonly used functions and - of course - a shutter release, it also continues the flow of perfect ergonomics.
Every button falls right underneath your fingers, just where you’d expect them.


Pair it with the new Fuji XF56/1.2 (first impressions coming soon) and you have yourself an amazing portrait setup. For studio and portrait shooters, this is a must!

In Canada, the Vertical battery Grip (VG-XT1) will be included as a pre-order bonus for any X-T1 orders placed before March 31st! Source

Real Time Viewfinder.

Holy Sh*t. Those were the words that came out of my mouth when I first looked through this new EVF. I was absolutely floored. Actually… I still am. Yes, it's that good.

I’m a strong believer in the fact that EVFs will replace OVFs. I’ve used many mirrorless cameras and the amount of information you can get along with things like live exposure preview just make it a joy to use. This one is no exception.


Refresh rate, magnification, and resolution however were always considered the downsides of electronic viewfinders.
The X-T1 EVF sports a 2.36m dot, 54 fps refresh rate (even in low light!),  0.77x EVF magnification. Yes that is the world’s highest magnification (0.77x) for a digital camera.*
But not only that, it has a lag-time of 0.005 seconds (less than 1/10 of existing models) and it is definitely noticeable when in use!

It also allows for a great new Manual Focus mode. Fuji refers to it as Dual mode.
This adds a small second screen for checking focus point with Focus Peak Highlight or Digital Split Image. You can watch Fuji's demonstration video below for more details.

It works like a treat and allows for an even better MF experience for those adapting legacy lenses on Fuji cameras.

Fuji also listened to those who complained about the lack of proper “EVF + Eye Sensor” mode on the X-E2. You now get LCD playback while using that mode on the X-T1.
Just another proof that Fuji is only there to please their users and carefully listens to the community.
I’ve been told that this is also making its way to the X-E2 and that makes me very happy!


The Wifi experience on Fuji cameras is nothing short of magical. I’ve tried many other cameras that include Wifi transfer but none of them connect and transfer as fast and seamlessly as the Fuji ones.
This remains the case with the X-T1 but to top it all off, you can now control your camera via your SmartPhone or Tablet and even have a live view with touch to focus!


The X-T1 also includes a built-in intervalometer function which I cannot wait to test out this weekend! Star Trails anyone? ;)
I'll be sure to update this post with sample images as I get more hands on time with this camera and the new 10-24mm and 56mm Fujinon XF lenses.


You would have noticed by now that I haven't commented on Image Quality, the X-T1 uses the wonderful Fuji X-Trans CMOS II sensor found on the X-E2 and simply does not disappoint.

I have only been shooting with this camera for a few hours but already I am in love and can definitely see a place in my bag for it along with my X-E2.
The bigger and better EVF, weather-sealing, and just overall handling of this camera make it one that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Especially those DSLR users out there that have been waiting for a mirrorless camera to win their hearts over. The wait is over… this is it. This is the one.

Image Samples (more to come...)


Here are two sets I have taken with the X-T1 since this review was posted:
Jack. http://www.kammah.ca/xseriesblog/2014/2/7/jack
Ese. http://www.kammah.ca/xseriesblog/2014/2/8/ese





And if you cant get enough of the X-T1, be sure to check out the FujiGuys' first look video below:

Official Promo Video:

See you around at the next FujiTuesday Event

All images courtesy of Fujifilm.

That one shot. by OT

Last week's travel to Mexico was great. The weather was beautiful, the people were fantastic, and the Fuji X100S by my side — once again — did not disappoint.

As a matter of fact it allowed me to get "that one shot". You know, that shot that you look back at and just can't seem to get your eyes off of. The one that isn't necessarily perfectly sharp. The one you keep admiring.
The one you are so proud of but can't explain why. Maybe other people don't see it that way but you do.

During a walk around Playa Del Carmen, I was amazed by the amount of locals just running around the streets. It seemed everyone was rushing to approach the tourists crowd and sell them whatever goods they stocked in their stores.

But despite the chaos, the loudness, and the overall feeling of sales pressure; There stood one scene.
One peaceful, beautiful moment of happiness and love. 

I noticed a little girl from across the street. She was sitting on a ledge playing with her two puppies.
Blissful at the ability to enjoy that moment with her dogs.
I knew I had to capture that moment. I knew it would be that one shot for me.

An overwhelming feeling creeped up on me, in a world of materialistic ideals, that was all you could ever ask for.
I grabbed my trusty Fuji companion and forever immortalized that second of pure Peace, Love, and Happiness.

I'm sure everyone gets to experience this at least once during their photographic life.
I am so thankful I got to see it for myself.

Hope you enjoy the shot and the story behind it.


Stuck at home. by OT

Canada has been seeing quite a bit of horrible weather lately.
First, an Ice Storm in Toronto that caused over 300,000 people to lose power, and now this cold front bringing temperatures as low as -33C. 

Unfortunately, this weather has been getting in the way of my street shooting and so, being stuck at home, I decided to make the best of it!

Armed with my trusty Fujifilm X100LE, a GorillaPod Hybrid, and some YONGNUO off camera flash gear, I decided to play with water.

After setting up the mini studio I experimented with various shutter speeds, gear placements, and flash power.
I was having fun!

Now onto the main subject. 

I set up a water carafe, filled it up with some of the clear liquid, and went on to find something interesting to shoot. Eggs! I love eggs! I eat them every day for breakfast and their 2-part ways always intrigued me.

Now the thing with eggs and water is that they don't float... nor do they swim in the middle... they go straight for the bottom...
Thankfully, the Fuji X100 has that wonderful Leaf Shutter that allows you to leverage High Speed Sync and shoot with strobes at 1/1000sec. That would allow me to freeze the egg just where I wanted it!

I had a ton of fun doing this shoot and all I needed was right in my home.
So if bad weather has got you down as well, I hope I managed to inspire you just a little to look around and make the best of what you got! :)

Here's just another one for the road showing the carafe:

Hope you enjoyed the article!
See you around at the next #FujiTuesday!

Fujifilm X-E2. by OT

I'm not here to review this camera, only to talk about it from my point of view.
If you are looking for technical reviews you will be disappointed. There are way more qualified people out there to give you that, I am not one of them.
Instead, I will share my first thoughts on the latest and greatest from the folks over at Fujifilm.

I began my Fuji journey by reading the X-E1 review by Kale JF. It was extremely well written and covered everything I need to know about the camera.
Kale, who is an official Fuij X Photographer, took the time to advice me and share his love for Fuji. His love and passion shined through his writing, I just had to try this camera!

I have now been shooting with cameras from Fuji's X Series for just over a year and, as of today, I cannot imagine using anything else.

While some of the initial offering suffered numerous challenges (slow and inaccurate AF, lack of good MF support, inability to set proper Auto-ISO), Fuji listened and refined their cameras time and time again through firmware updates. Thank you Fuji.
And boy did that make a difference! Over the course of my ownership of the Fuji X-E1, I saw it progress from something that I had to put up with, to a camera that I could confidently use when out and about.



Over the past couple weeks, I have been fortunate enough to be able to acquire the new Fuji X-E2 and XF23mm lens from the folks over at Aden Camera. To tell you I was excited would definitely be an understatement.
When Fuji unveiled the X-E2, I was initially sceptic about whether or not to upgrade. The list of improvements was great, but I simply wasn't sure whether or not it was worth the upgrade.

I ended up taking the leap and decided to trust the people at Fuji — as they have proven time over time that they care about their users — and picked up the new X-E2.
From the new blazing fast autofocus to the improved write speeds (thanks to the new EXR Processor II), everything feels snappy.

While shooting Street Photography at night was a bit of a challenge on the X-E1 due to its common focus hunt in low light, the X-E2 just consistently nails focus first try. Every time. 

Even with cute fast moving subjects that only give you one chance :-)

Curious Kitten.

The EVF has also been refined. I say refined because it's actually still the same great 2.36 million dots viewfinder; however, Fuji has put a lot of work in improving the refresh rate in low light conditions. This improvement, which has the EVF refresh rate go from 20 fps to 50-60 fps, may sound minimal but when shooting in poor lighting this makes a world of difference.

Fuji also decided to include Wi-Fi in the new X-E2. I initially dismissed this feature as I still enjoy the RAW workflow but a street encounter made me realize something.
I could now share my portraits with the strangers I photograph in the street.
This allowed me to connect with them even more and they loved receiving their portraits on the spot.

Candid Street Portrait.

All in all, I am extremely happy with my decision to upgrade to the X-E2 and I can only encourage everyone that is on the fence to go right ahead and do the same.
Having said that, the X-E1 is still an amazingly capable camera. After all the recent firmware updates and with the new lower prices (even less on the used market), it is a no-brainer if you don't care for the X-E2's improvements or new price tag.

I leave you with a gallery of my most recent street photography session with the X-E2 and XF23mm.

Enjoy and please feel free to ask any questions or leave your feedback in the comments section below!

See you around #FujiTuesday ; )

#FujiTuesdays by OT

@DonovanBond  and myself (@OTKammah) have taken it upon ourselves to start a Toronto Fuji X-Series group. 
Inspired by a blog post telling the tale of the Fuji Italia group, we have decided that we wanted to also gather people that are passionate about photography and the Fuji X-Series cameras in Toronto.

As of next week (Tuesday, November 19th) a few of us will meet in front of the Aden Camera store on Yonge St. and go for photo walks.
This will be the first official #FujiTuesday and these will happen on the 3rd Tuesday of every month  going forward.

So come out to shoot and meet some other Fuji X lovers and incredibly gifted photographers (@JRBERNSTEIN@DonovanBond) and I :)